Grandparent pointers for parents:
Feel free to add your own to my list. I have 4 points to make. (actually more).

  1. Praise your kids as often as you can.. count how many times you criticize them, praise should be at least 4:1
  2. Hug them a lot. Sure they’ll think your nuts, but go ahead. Especially after they’ve been bad acting.
  3. Tell them you love them, verbally, everyday and a lot. Especially after they’ve been bad acting. (They aren’t bad, just bad actions sometimes.)
  4. Do you really have to say “NO” before you actually consider what they are asking for? Somethings don’t matter, pay attention and say “YES” to those more often.

A kids childhood is fleeting, like a vapor. Either do it right today or tomorrow you’ll wake up sorry, and there are no “do-overs” with your kids.

Just sayin….Bro. Nick

2 Responses to Grandparents Speak Out

  1. Sherry

    You should never miss that chance to remind them that you love them.

  2. Jeanie Aldrich

    Wise words!! Love it!