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Your Name

I found the following poem in The George Aldrich Genealogy, Volume 1 by A. J. Aldrich YOUR NAME, A FATHER’S GIFT You got it from your father. ‘Twas the best he had to give. And right gladly he bestowed it — it is yours while you live. You may lose the watch he gave you

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Kids Revival – May 20-24

Bro. I Been Wrong speaks out on Children’s Revival

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A message on JOY from my Dad

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Bro. Toney

A Message to Teachers

Gabbys poem


Hallelujah, Praise the Lord Hallelujah, praise the Lord, I heard as I entered the church. That is my comforting place. They pray for me when I’m sad and bring me up when I’m down. They help me feel safe, even when there’s supposed to be an earthquake. Hallelujah, praise the Lord, I heard as I

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FB Friend or Foe?

FB – Friend or Foe Revisited

Another FaceBook Point of Wisdom – Donated via an anonymous Author

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Grandparents Speak Out

Grandparent pointers for parents: Feel free to add your own to my list. I have 4 points to make. (actually more). Praise your kids as often as you can.. count how many times you criticize them, praise should be at least 4:1 Hug them a lot. Sure they’ll think your nuts, but go ahead. Especially

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FB Friend or Foe?

FB – Friend or Foe?

Please understand that words alone (without tone of voice, gestures, and facial expressions) can be misunderstood

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Caleb’s Miracle Healing

So thankful for all God has done for me I cannot tell it all! But I can try to testify about what He has done for me this week!
(Click “READ MORE” button for full story and then click title Caleb’s Story to watch a video testimony.)

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checking in 150-150


An inspirational thanksgiving message.. Author Unknown

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